Performance Optimization

Slow website?

Your slow website is hurting your Google rankings and more importantly, is losing you customers. Nobody wants to wait, it’s 2020.

But why? There are so many factors that can influence a website’s performance. We have a suite of tools that allow us to pinpoint the problems and immediately act on them.

What factors?

In January 2018, Google announced its Speed Update. This update added mobile speed to the search engine’s list of ranking factors. Because of this, the speed at which your site loads directly affects your rankings on both mobile and desktop.

Equally as important, pages with slow load times will directly affect a user’s willingness to remain on the page. We can’t count the times we’ve just closed a tab because it took more than a few seconds to load. Times are changing. Expectations are changing, both from the user and Search Engines.

So what can be done about it?

We’ve optimized dozens of sites and can drastically improve your own site loading times as well. We offer a range of services, including performance and search engine optimization (SEO) for standard websites, as well as conversion rate optimization (CRO) strategies for Ecommerce.

Unicycle Digital Website Optimization can save time, rank higher, and increase engagement and conversions.

No sacrifices.

Our optimization strategies are the most aggressive, rigorous and effective available. With our optimization of images, code and web server settings, you’ll be able to have a rich, dynamic website filled with as many images, as much video and rich content as you like.

Unicycle Digital - Optimized for Performance


of users expect websites to load within 2 seconds


of people do not return to websites that took longer than four seconds to load.


of mobile landing pages take over 5 seconds to display any content.


of online shoppers stated that quick page loading is important to their site loyalty.

What will we do?


Step 1 - Diagnosis

Before we begin, we suggest you take our Unicycle Digital Website Audit. This will give you a basic run-down of what your issues are; these may extend beyond performance issues. If you already know that you would like us to optimize your site and do not wish to take the audit, we will discuss your options and gather login details. Once we have access, we will back up your site and migrate it to our own server. This is a mandatory part of our service. We use the fastest servers in Canada, powered by renewable energy. This alone will provide a significant speed boost. We will then perform an exhaustive audit of over 150 individual problem areas that can affect your performance.

Step 2 - Big fixes first

After our initial analysis we can quickly fix the biggest issues. This might be broken code, faulty or out of date plugins, or strange server configurations. We will apply any major optimization opportunities, at this point we'll be able to demonstrate the improvements between your current site and your optimized site.

Step 3 - Speed Optimizations

Once we have fixed any major problems, we will begin really getting our hands dirty. Image optimization, code optimization, CMS and server settings, Caching and database optimization will all be tweaked for maximum speed. These all matter, and incremental improvements will yield a lightning fast website. We also have an additional Content Distribution Network (CDN) to accelerate and further protect your site.


How long does this take?

Once we have everything we need, everything can be done within a week. Bigger sites may take longer, and sites with a lot of images can also take longer.

Speed improvements?

As we insist on moving you to our best-in-class hosting, your speed improvements will be significant. Your site should usually load at least twice as fast, usually under two seconds.

What if something goes wrong?

We take a backup before we begin and all work is done on our own servers. We will only switch the sites over once you're happy. No work is ever done on a live site.

The proof is in the numbers

Before Optimization

A horrible, slow website that takes a while to load, guzzles data and makes hundreds of requests, loading stylesheets, unnecessary JavaScript, and more.

Speed test - slow website Fast site -

With Optimization

A typical score for a client’s website. Refresh it over and over and it will load practically instantly, every time. Fast loading times, low data usage, optimized images and code means better Google rankings and happier users.

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