Unicycle Digital is committed to helping small businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic.

During these uncertain times, many small businesses have had to close their doors to support social distancing and help the fight to stop the spread of COVID-19. At Unicycle Digital, we want to help small businesses get their products online so that they can safely accept payment and offer delivery or pick-up services for their customers. We have solutions for many different types of businesses and can work quickly to move your business online so you can continue to reach your customers.

Reach your customers with an Ecommerce Website

As shopping trends change, make sure your business does, too!

“Ecommerce” is another word for the online selling of products or services. Think Amazon or well.ca. Both titans of industry, but that doesn’t mean you need to have thousands of products to have an online store.

At Unicycle Digital, we are here to help you get your products online. Why limit yourself to one location? One city? One province? The sky’s the limit when your products move online. Let us help elevate your business to the next level by setting up an Ecommerce website.

Reach new customers online

Today consumers have so many options when it comes to making purchases. No longer restricted by geography, consumers can go online and access stores from around the world from the comfort of their living room. Consumers expect more options, greater flexibility, the ability to read descriptions, and real-life customer reviews before finishing their purchase.

Work smarter. Not harder.

A well-built Ecommerce site is automated so that customers can view products, read descriptions or reviews, and make the purchase on their own time. Business owners can process orders on their end during business hours yet remain open 24 hours, 7 days a week. The best part of having a solid ecommerce website, is that revenue can be generated when staff are home, enjoying their time-off or even sleeping.

Get to know your customers better.

When a customer visits an ecommerce website, they can provide instant feedback whether they complete a purchase, abandon a cart, or click off the website right away. Over time, tracking user metrics can reveal valuable insights into what pages lead to the most transactions, what promotions appeal to customers the most, and if any pages really aren’t working.

Experts with a range of platforms

No matter your platform of choice, we’ve got you covered.

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What to expect?


Expectations and requirements

We send you a comprehensive project questionnaire to capture your vision. This ensures we understand all of your expectations, determine the deliverables, and put together a proposal for the project.

Details, details, details

We meet to discuss our follow-up questions; and discuss arrangements for product photographs and descriptions. You may already have imagery, descriptions and more. If not, we can help with every aspect of your site content.

Lay out the battle plans

We get to work, creating mock-ups and prototypes for you. These will cover all of the mechanics for your site, through to payment and customer support. Visual design and layout, suggestions of product images or illustrations to include, and changes to marketing copy for SEO. Unicycle Digital has vast experience populating Ecommerce sites with thousands of products.

Initial presentation & polish

After the mock-ups have been agreed upon, we will get to work creating the first version of your Ecommerce website. This will closely resemble the mock-ups, although you may find that you require some elements to be modified, as is to be expected. Every Unicycle Ecommerce site comes with several hours of modification time as part of the package.

The finished product

After edits and final changes have been implemented, you give us the final approval and we publish your beautiful new Ecommerce site live to the web.

Job complete & ongoing support

Your Ecommerce website is complete, ready to achieve your business goals! We provide comprehensive long-term support solutions and training options for all Ecommerce packages. Now it’s up and running, you can maintain it in-house, or we can do it for you.

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