Morrison Creek Streamkeepers

This wonderful organization came to us when their website was no longer functioning with broken pages, out of date content and style, and an inaccessible website beyond the front page. It was time to refresh their online presence so that they could continue to share the important work they are doing within the community and create a space for members to keep in touch with all the important initiatives that are taking place.

We were able to save all of their historical content that was no longer accessible, and organize it in a way that was user friendly and mission focused. Working together, we created a new aesthetic for their website with stunning photographs, many of which were taken by their members. One of the main sections they wanted to focus on was their species pages so we created a new system that automatically updated new species through the app iNaturalist so that members could add species as they were photographed or discovered in the area. We really enjoyed this project, especially because it was all about our neighbourhood. Not only did we enjoy creating a much stronger online presence for the organization, but we learned a ton about the local area along the way!

Check out Morrison Creek Streamkeepers’ new website.

Bumbles & Clover

This new business was created in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The owner saw an opportunity for an online ecommerce store for pre-loved children’s clothing, given the uncertainty of a second wave and what that could do for brick and mortar thrift shops. Their website was going to be key to the success of their business given they would not be operating a physical store. We worked with them to create the exact aesthetic they were looking for, providing brand guidelines with brand colours, fonts, logos, and social media assets.

Using Shopify, we built their ecommerce store creating custom collections for the many categories of clothing and accessories, custom forms to collect customer consignment details, and extensive back-end support to set-up automatic emails, marketing and customer support. Prior to the website launch, we provided extensive training so that the owner was able to take over the store and run it on their own, which was important to them. We loved working on this project as we got to help them put their best brand forward from the moment their store went live!

Why not give Bumbles & Clover a visit for a glimpse at what you can expect from a typical Unicycle Digital Ecommerce site.

Comox Valley Cycling Coalition

This local advocacy group was in need of a website redesign to help them reach more members, and share the important work they were doing in the community. Prior to their new update, the website functioned as a blog with news items being added at the top of a long list of pages. We worked with them to thoughtfully redesign the flow of their website so that they were able to have a more traditional landing page that explained what the CVCCo did and who they were before sharing the latest news updates. We condensed the top menu down to five headings with sub-headings that made sense under each page. Through our work we were able to develop a fresh site that was designed with the user experience in mind, creating a site where members could come to learn and access resources in a straight-forward easy to navigate way.

Check out the Comox Valley Cycling Coalition.

She Talon – Creative Nail Services

This small business located in Abbotsford, BC was looking to create a brand-new website to increase her web presence and offer her customers the ability to book appointments online. Prior to the launch of her new website, she used social media to promote her services but knew it was time to take her busines to the next level. We worked with her to develop her brand colours, fronts, and structure of her new site. Even though this simple site was a one-pager, it functioned very similar to a multi-page site with responsive menus and a user-friendly experience. We were thrilled to deliver this bright and vibrant website that perfectly captures She Talon’s creative nail services.

Visit She Talon Creative Nail Services and check out our work.

Comox Valley Astronomy Club

Before we created their new site, the Comox Valley Astronomy Club had no web presence and communicated with its members entirely through email or small ads in the local paper. We were able to deliver them a website that served as a landing page for new members, as well as a resource for all Astronomy enthusiasts. The goal of the new website was to provide a space where members could learn when the next meetings are, when the sky conditions were optimal, and any upcoming Astronomical events. Since the website went live, the Astronomy Club has been able to increase their membership base and connect with their members in a much more streamlined way.

Check out Comox Valley Astronomy Club.

The OceanCanada Partnership

OceanCanada’s website features a range of impressive features including dozens of integrations and custom work including access to academic papers, displaying a range of metadata for thousands of publications and journal entries as well as news, media, mapping and database sections, researcher profiles, image galleries and much more. The site acts as both the means to display the results of complex research projects in an approachable way as well as access to deeper levels of data for academics and scholars. The site continues to be refined and developed.

Visit the OceanCanada Partnership.

Beatty Floors – Commercial Flooring Specialists

Beatty Floors has gone through a series of iterative updates to their website since 2015. From content and layout to internal staff pages, project updates and services sections as well as total overhauls of the site aesthetic, logo, SEO work and optimization – there’s nothing we haven’t not done for Beatty Floors.

Check them out to see what you can expect for a small/medium business website.