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What we strive for

Our Mission

Our mission is to educate and serve our clients so they can put their best brand forward and reap the benefits of having an outstanding online presence.

Your website is our website. Every care that we have given our own website, we will give to yours. At Unicycle Digital, we ensure you have a website that always operates both flawlessly and seamlessly.

We do this work because we like it. Developing incredible websites for clients whose products and services we actually use, and causes we care about. We’re obsessively passionate about good web design (if you’ve been with us since day one, you’ll know we update our website a lot), and our mission is to help businesses and communities on Vancouver Island stand out with amazing web presences.

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What we care about

Our Values

At Unicycle Digital, we always put relationships first. We pride ourselves on being approachable, fun and easy to communicate with. We want our clients to be empowered, not daunted, by their web presence. Our clients choose their level of involvement in their projects and we work with that.

We value our integrity and honesty when we put together a custom solution for a client. We recommend what’s best for our clients and nothing more. We know our clients have budgets to work within, so we never have unexpected costs at the end of a project.

We believe in sharing our knowledge so that anyone can access our resources to improve their online presence. We love the digital world we live in and are passionate about empowering business owners to own their brand and thrive in the digital space.

Our only priority

Our Clients

Our goal is to help our clients achieve incredible success online. Typically, this means starting off with a new website or a website redesign project; every website we create is 100% tailored to our clients and their brand. We believe in building long-term relationships to help our clients develop and polish their online strategy. We want our clients to have great success and maximize the benefit of their investment.

Our clients trust us to take care of anything from selling their awesome products, to growing their audience, to optimizing their slow website so that it can improve their google ranking. There is no problem we aren’t happy to come up with a creative solution for.

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The Unicycle Thing

Our Brand

Why Unicycle? The digital world is constantly changing and evolving. In order to stay on top of new trends, you need to keep moving, just like riding a unicycle. The way we see it, anyone can ride a bicycle but only a select few ever attempt the unicycle! Just like the unicycle, we aim to create content that is eye-catching, attention-grabbing, and an excellent conversation starter.

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