3 simple ways to increase your credibility and give visitors confidence that your website is safe

Have you ever visited a website and realized that doing so likely compromised your computer or personal information? It’s an immediate feeling of dread as you think about what could happen next. There’s nothing more terrifying than knowing you just downloaded a virus or some malicious malware from visiting a shady website. This threat is so real that most of us have security plug-ins that pop up when you visit a website that is insecure or prevents a page from opening entirely if it is suspect.

The last thing you want to do is make your website visitors nervous about the security and trustworthiness of your website. Bottom line, if they are suspicious, they aren’t going to stay to learn about your services or purchase your products.

To ensure your visitors have confidence in your website, follow these 3 simple rules:

1. Have a valid SSL Certificate

SSL Certificate

There is no faster way to lose credibility than when a visitor gets a warning that your website is not secure. Secure websites have valid SSL (secure socket layers) Certificates in place giving them a HTTPS:// at the beginning of their URL. Insecure websites are missing the ‘s’ which displays as HTTP://. Often the browser will display a lock symbol with a red line through it or display the text “Not secure” if the website has no SSL Certificate. On the flip side, a secure website shows a lock in the browser bar next to the HTTPS://.

An SSL Certificate makes it so information going to and from your server is automatically encrypted. This prevents visitors from having their information stollen by hackers as it travels through the internet. Having a valid SSL Certificate gives visitors confidence that your website is safe, and they can feel secure giving you their personal information.

You can get an SSL Certificate through your hosting provider and they are usually charged on a monthly or annual basis for a low cost. Every Unicycle website automatically comes with a valid SSL Certificate so your users know they are secure when they visit your site.

2. Create a Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy - Privacy button on keyboard

Most people won’t go out of their way to read your website’s privacy policy. But that doesn’t mean it is not an important element to include. The presence of a privacy policy shows that your company has taken the time to write one because you value your visitor’s privacy and security. You also want your visitors to know that they are safe to use your website without being at risk of their information being shared or sold to third party companies.

A privacy policy doesn’t need to be too complicated. In fact, you can search the internet and find plenty of variations of privacy policies. Some websites have multiple pages of legal jargon while others have a sentence or two stating their policy. How you approach your privacy policy is entirely up to you. Just know that users who visit your website will feel a sense of confidence knowing you value their privacy and vow to do no harm.

3. Include Contact Information

Finger tapping "Contact Us" button

Including a page with your contact information gives visitors a sense of comfort that you have a real location that can be visited or contacted if needed. A mailing address allows visitors to know if they have a problem with a product or service, your company can be accessed and held accountable.

In addition to an address, your contact information should include a phone number, email address, and business hours. That way if someone tries to contact you outside of your normal hours, they will understand that you may take a day or the weekend to get back to them.

Contact information shows that there are real people behind the page working in a real location that can be accessed for support, customer service or to settle a dispute. Knowing this information gives visitors confidence in purchasing your products or enlisting your services.

If your website is not utilizing these three simple ways to increase your credibility and give visitors confidence when visiting your website, you could be losing conversions every day. If you need assistance making any of these changes to your website, reach out to Unicycle Digital today.